MAKINO is the new revolutionary icon in the packaged food industry. It's “Sparkling Taste” embraces one's taste buds with delicious spices and relishing crunchiness.

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Makino is like the contemporary youth – new, approachable and each entity has a 'unique taste'. This product, made with an interesting combination of elements is all set to change trends and set new ones. Bringing in new flavors in the market to render the patronage with yummy-tummy filling experience. The striking feature of Makino nachos chips is that it contains 40% LESS fat than regular potato chips.


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World Best exotic Seasoning selected for Makino products, become responsible for the revolutionary taste of Makino. This amazing taste is brought about our extensive research under the guidance of food experts, ensuring the healthy angle to it!! Some of Makino's features:

No MSG | Non-GMO Corn | Zero Trans Fat | Zero Cholesterol

FSSAI approved, Makino has cleared all the quality and health standards, thus, giving an assurance to its patronage. Makino helps you to select its best suitable product for you!

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